The North Bay Flower Collective is an alliance of flower growers and floral designers in the North San Francisco Bay Area with a fierce dedication to the slow flowers movement. We are champions of locally grown flowers and sustainable design, lovers of the natural world, community, and generosity. As flower farmers and floral designers, we share resources, support, and educational opportunities while implementing environmentally and socially responsible practices to build a thriving floral economy. Our mission is to work together to build a strong and beautiful alliance where locally grown flowers are celebrated and each member can grow and thrive. 

As a collective, we aim:

  • To value cooperation over competition.
  • To be environmentally and socially responsible business people.
  • To provide our collective with educational and enrichment opportunities.
  • To work together to ensure economic viability within our flower collective.
  • To pay dues to the collective for providing us with educational, marketing and business opportunities and resources. 


Members of the collective agree:

  • To support locally grown flowers.
  • To make decisions based on majority consensus.
  • To promote transparency within the group.
  • To hold themselves accountable to environmental and socially responsible practices.
  • To pay an annual due, currently $25 per year, January­-January. This will not be prorated. 
  • To attend at least 5 meetings per year and to volunteer a minimum of 5 hours per year.

For inquiries regarding flower orders, purchases, or requests for flower donations please directly contact one of our flower farmers or florists via our membership directory page. The North Bay Flower Collective is a community of florists and farmers representing many businesses and is not a business entity itself. 

If you are interested in becoming a member or attending one of our meetings, please contact, or send a message using our online contact form.