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Foraged Floral with Louesa Roebuck and Sarah Lonsdale

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Join artist Louesa Roebuck and designer Sarah Lonsdale, authors of the just-released Foraged Flora, for a “snout-to-tail” floral event that will demonstrate how to create unusual arrangements that embrace the beauty in each stage of life.

Using minimum gear and manipulation, Louesa will create an installation at SHED using materials gleaned at HomeFarm on the day of the class, letting the flora dictate the flow. The lesson is that the arrangement will perfectly reflect what’s in season, showing the beauty of our immediate environment and the unexpected bounty that surrounds us.

Along with SHED co-owner Cindy Daniel, Louesa and Sarah will engage in a dynamic conversation with the audience about the deep and urgent eco-implications of our design choices and how foraging and gleaning tie into the current soil, watershed, and local organic food movements.

Tickets also include a copy of the book Foraged Flora, and an artist’s reception and book signing after the workshop.

Louesa Roebuck is an artist and floral designer who divides her time between the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. She has created flora installations from foraged and gleaned materials for high-end clients like Vivienne Westwood, John Baldessari, and Alice Waters. In addition to her work with flora, Roebuck has worked in fashion for many years and paints monotypes and works in textile design.

Design editor and writer Sarah Lonsdale is a co-founder of Remodelista and the author of Japanese Style. She grew up in England, spent almost a decade in Tokyo working in television and advertising, and currently lives with her family in California’s Napa Valley.