Bees N Blooms

Susan Kegley•Seth Gowans

Bees N Blooms is an 11-acre organic farm started in the spring of 2016, where we produce lavender and a variety of lavender products, honey and wax from ten colonies of honey bees, cut flowers for arrangements, and pollinator-friendly, drought-tolerant trees. The Bees N Blooms lavender labyrinth contains more than 900 lavender plants and a half-mile of meditative, lavender-scented pathway to walk. We created Bees N Blooms to engage the environmentally sensitive connections among flowers, trees, birds, pollinators, humans and the biosphere. Building on existing knowledge of sustainable and regenerative agriculture, we have incorporated a diverse collection of pollinator and bird-friendly crops into the landscape and set aside a portion of the land for wildlife habitat. As an certified organic farm (CCOF is certifier), we utilize biodiversity and healthy soils as our primary pest-control strategies and incorporate advanced technologies to effectively monitor water use, pest pressures, and crop health. We share our knowledge and learn from others by working with other farmers, governments, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and the business sector.